Helen is a 35 years old friend of mine, and she’s still single. Also a little bit desperate to find a man. But she tries hard. She did speed dating, Meetic, and all the stuffs a single person would do to find someone, but no Mr right on the horizon. What’s wrong with her ? She’s a smart, talented, and pretty woman who occupies a managing post for an international company.  She doesn’t have kids, doesn’t smoke or drink. She’s also a really nice person.

She told me once that she intimidates men. That’s why she always stays single. I’ve read a study in the New York Times  that men usually prefer idiot women rather than intelligent ones, and also women who occupies a less important job than them. That would explain why a CEO would fall in love with his secretary , or the kind of romance described in Pretty Woman, where Richard Gere fell for a prostitute.