Nowadays, I observe more and more couples choosing not to get married, even if they already have children, like brangelina or Tomkat (OK, these two are finally gonna get married, but they had Suri before the wedding). The people that I ‘ve met told me that they don’t need that ceremony to prouve their love for each other. Some of them  told me that they hate the ceremony, with the church, the maids of honour, the dress, and your relatives crying all the time. Others would fear  it will change everything in their relationship. I remember  a woman who had a 10 years-long relationship with his man. They ended up getting married, and one year later, they divorced. They had no children together. She said that she felt different when she was married and she didn’t like it.

Another couple recognize that without the ceremony, a wedding is very sad. But with a ceremony, it is a nightmare. Too much pressure, too much things to cope with. That’s why they decided not to get married.

The truth is that the preparation of a wedding is a real source of stress for the future bride and groom. You have to deal with various things like the church, the dress(es), the place where you’ll be celebrating your wedding, the food, the wine,… and the organization of the guests’ tables. If you are lucky, all your relatives and friends do get along very nicely, so you don’t have to worry about which person will be sitting next to one other. But it is rarely the case. For whatsoever reason, your uncle Jim and your cousins can’t stand each other, or your parents are divorced and your mother can’t see your father with his new bitch  girlfriend in a reasonable distance of -let’s say 500 hundred feet. I’ve been to a wedding where, with the help of alcohol, the end of the evening turned into world war III because of the relatives and friends ended up fighting.

That’s one of the trickiest part of the wedding,  but it’s not the only one. What if you choose an outdoor ceremony  in the middle of summer and it suddenly starts to rain ? What if the food you choose is not good, of even worse, if the food will never come because the delicatessen had a problem, for example a car accident ?  I will always remember that wedding where all the family, including the bride, had to go to the supermarket all dressed up buying food because the delicatessen crashed his van on his way to the ceremony. Actually, I find this situation really funny. But the bride didn’t take it that way at the time, because she was constantly crying during the ceremony.  Luckily for this couple, they are still married now.