One of my friend, who is 30 now, told me that she only attracts older men, in their fifties or something like that. She personally wouldn’t give it a try, but I know other women who would date older men. I’ve met a women named Valerie who recently fell in love with a guy who could be his dad. She’s 32, he’s 53. And he has two kids. She explained that she loved the fact that he was more mature than all the other men of her age she has ever dated. And also the way he treated her, like a  princess.

I’m not judging her, because I’ve never dated older guys. But she underlined a true problem with men of our age.  I know one couple of the same age (32), where the woman constantly treats his husband like a child, and she’s not the only the example that I know.

On the contrary, when a woman dates a older man, chances are he could behave like a father to her.