Dinner with your male friend(s)

Dina is a good friend of mine, and extremely beautiful. she’s 35, and she’s still single too. The problem with her is her many male friends. The men she has dated so far got fed up with them, and with her. They usually can’t stand the idea of her having a dinner with one of her friend. Ah, jealousy !

For Dina, I know  it is quite a problem because she only gets along with guys. As  a woman, I’m one of the lucky few to be her friend. She doesn’t like that much hanging with girls. It’s not her stuff. 

She often asks me if it’s wrong to have just a dinner with your male friend. For me, as long as she has the kind of brother-sister relationship with them, it’s OK. But how can you know you’re not trapped in a plan of unconscient seduction?