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How to deal with a broken heart?

Beverly, an old friend of mine (we know each other from the kindergarden) , can’t stay in a true relationship for long.  She says she can’t trust her partner and she always fears he would cheat on her or leave her for another woman. About a year ago, she has started dating a guy she met at a bar, and has taken things really slowly with him since then. She is seeing other guys as well, and doesn’t want to know if his official  also sees  other women.

When she was 20, she had a serious relationship with one guy during four years. They moved in an apartment together after two years of romance. I always tought she would end up getting married and having children with him.  But instead of that, they called it quits because she discovered he was cheating on her.

She  admits that this story has completely changed the way she looks at men. And because she doesn’t want to have her heart broken again by an unfaithful guy, she started having  relationships with no strings attached. 

I wonder how these kind of relationships would end up for her. At 30, she feels no pressure getting married or having kids. But it will certainly change.


4 thoughts on “How to deal with a broken heart?

  1. legendoftheprotectors says:

    I feel for Bev. I have friends like that as well. But that is simply running from the problem, instead of fixing it. If she’s willing to seek help, there a great book out there by Chris Carter. Check out this website.
    it might help her move past guys that aren’t right for her, and on to someone who will truly make her happy.
    Tell her good luck. And I enjoy your blog.

  2. Lewis says:

    thanks for your newsletter; I enjoy it. But I’m a man, and I’m also interested in knowing how to make a woman beleive that I trully love her.

  3. Hi Lewis, you’re welcome. If you want to make a woman believe you truly love her, you simply have to prove her you love her. Words are not enough. You have to show her you care for her, to stand for her in every situation, to understand her, to cheer her up when she’s having a tough time, to be there for her,…

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