celibacy, relationships, women

A strong character

I have to work sometimes with Emma, a 41 year old publicist very pretty, but still single. Contrary to N., she isn’t desperate about her condition because she ‘s always busy and often goes out. In addition to her job, she manages different associations defending women, children, …

Because of her job and her activities, she has developped a strong character. In other words, you don’t mess with her. And that particular aspect of her frightens a lot of men. Most of them can’t handle her personality.

Some of her entourage often compare her to Samantha Jones, but except the fact that, like Samantha, Emma radiates confidence in everything she does, the comparison stops there. With men, Emma is more like Miranda Priestly than Samantha Jones.

So far, Emma hasn’t much complained about her celibacy, because she ‘s the type of person who doesn’t want pity. But last year, during Christmas, we had to work late together for a project. And by the time we had to get back to our house, I realized that she  would spend the evening on her own.  I offered her to join my family for the supper, but she declined the invitation. I felt so terrible for her at that time.


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