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The new games of love (part 1)

Before,  a woman had to go to a party, a bar, or the disco to find a man. But now, with internet, things have changed a lot. Many women I know prefer to chat on the web with a perfect unknown person than being approach on the dance floor or in a bar. Funny, isn’t it?

But on the internet, you can find men who just pretend to be someone else. Sally, a faithful user of the dating site Meetic, has established a list of the liars she met through chating on this site. There’s Billy, 35, a tall blonde man with blue eyes, very athletic. He runs his own company, owns a porsche and love paintings & litterature, especially Monay and Dostowyesqi. 

Sally has also listed the guy who lied just a little about their appearance. For example, she met Jerome once in a bar. Just before their rendez-vous, he sent her his picture. But the picture must have been taken 10 years ago because he looked way much older in real life, with also less hair and more weight.

There are also the men who lied about their situation. Sally chatted with a guy who proposed to meet her between 5 and 7 pm or during lunch time. But not in the week-end.  She accepted once to meet him, and she clearly saw the lighter band of  skin on his finger, you know, the finger which is supposed to wear an certain ring where it is written the day of your wedding.

But all guys are not liars. Sally met some nice men too through Meetic. But she hasn’t found the right one yet.