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The new games of love (part 2)

Speed dating is another way to break the monotony of your celibacy. But, for some reasons, most single people I know prefer chatting on the Internet rather than speed dating.

This new way of finding a date is indeed particular. Unlike dating site where you can remain anonymous if you want or pretend to be someone else, you’ll have to convince the man in front of you to go on a date in 7 minutes. And so does he have to convince you too.  In that lapse of time, physical criteria as well as your personality do matter a lot.  In other words, unless you’re a professional liar, it is really hard to pretend to be someone else.   

Can we judge someone in just 7 minutes?  How can we know we’re not passing by the man of our life?  Many of my married friends told me that when they first met their husband, they didn’t find them attractive, or funny. It took them a while to realize that these men were made for her.  So when I asked one of my friend if she would have chosen her husband if she had just 7 minutes of time, she replied to me that she would have probably made the wrong choice.

On the other side, I know a woman who can make a judgement on a man in less than 7 minutes. H. has done a lot of speed dating so far, and she told me she has established a list of criteria she secretly applies to every man she meets.  It goes from clothes, accessorize ( no bracelet, rings, piercings,…),  to personality ( not a nervous, or a too sensitive one, not an idiot, …). Her list is so long I wonder if she ‘s still able to find a man avoiding any of these criteria.


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