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Is the first cut the deepest ?

I remember, once, when we were talking, my friends and I,  about our ex-boyfriend, we agreed that we all have an ex who still occupies a special place amongst the rest of them. For some of my friends, this one is their first kiss, or their first love. For some others, it would be the one who broke their heart for the first time, if not the first and the last time.

We all have learned from our past experiences with men, especially our first love. Those experiences have shaped our future relationships. For example, Beverly couldn’t trust men anymore after she discovered that her first love was cheating on her.  I’m no exception to that.  I have too an ex-boyfriend who left me without warning. He was my first love, and I was madly in love with him. I would have done anything for him. When he left without any explanation, I had a hard time putting myself together. And since then, I promised myself not to play again such a fool for a man.  But I have changed my mind a little since I met the man of my life.


One thought on “Is the first cut the deepest ?

  1. karina says:

    hey, I was surfing the web and I stumbled upon this page.

    I agree with you; there’s always that someone… from the past, who you still miss, even thought you keep telling yourself it’s over, it’s over….

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