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When events are against you

Relationships aren’t easy and there are many things that add complications to them. For instance, you can fall in love with a married man, or a man with children as friendly as Pol Pot with you. You can fall in love with a man whose profession will keep him away most of the time, or a man who lives abroad.

How do we manage our relationships with that ? Cathy, a friend of mine, recently fell in love with a journalist living in London. The problem is that she lives in Brussels. She has to travel a lot for her profession, and so does he. So it is really hard for them to see each other. But she likes the thrill of it.

I asked her if she thinks about moving to London to get close to him, but she replied that she doesn’t want to rush things with him, and that moving to London could scare him.  I wonder how long this relationship will last.

I know a few examples of women who decided to live abroad to be with their lover. Maybe I’m too cautious, but I wouldn’t jeopardize a relationship like that. What if it doesn’t work ? And what if it does work ?