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Taste in men

The things you can’t have are those who matter the most. Before I met the man of my life, I used to be attracted to men who couldn’t care less about me.  I still don’t know why I had such a bad taste in men at that time.  But I’m not the only one. I met a year ago a woman named Jane who could have all the men she wanted, but she always chose the one who weren’t attracted to her. They weren’t the smartest nor the nicest nor the most good-looking guy, but she wanted them instead of the numerous pretenders she could have had. She told me that she likes the challenge of convincing a man to love you. But she also told me that she failed a lot at it. And she even ended up with a broken heart. Jane admitted that she was a very rational personal, but whenever she fell in love, she became completely irrational.

Could you really force a man to love you ? Maybe, but in my view, you can’t control the others’ feelings, unless you’re a fine manipulator. However, I know a woman who is like the character played by Julia Roberts in the film Runaway Bride. But unlike Maggie Carpenter, she didn’t escaped her wedding …

This woman has become an expert in make believes for men. She can convince them she liked the same stuff than them. But it also means that she calculates every single word she says, and that’s not really love for me.