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I went two weeks ago to the funerals of one of my friend’s mother. She died of an aneurysmal rupture, and my friend found her laying on the floor of her kitchen. She was still warm when he tried to lift her.

Her mother died three months after rekindling her romance with the love of her life. They hooked up 30 years ago but they quickly separated, because they were both married to someone else. She had a kid with her husband, while her lover had two kids on his side. Shortly after she passed away, the love of her life died of a heart attack. Isn’t it ironic ?

I find this story particularly moving. It reminds me of the romance between Pelagia and the captain Corelli in Louis de Bernière’s Captain Corelli’s mandolin. In the book, not the movie, those two lovers went separate ways when they were young and got back together a long time after, when they were old.


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