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Strange love (that’s how our love go)

Strange love

I haven’t got a normal relationship with my man. By normal, I mean that we should be married now, but we’re not because I don’t feel the need of getting married , and so does he. But if I compare my situation with those of my closest friends, my relationship seems to be the most normal of all. One of my female friend can’t stay in a commited relationship. One other is always attracted to the wrong guys.  No one live with their man at the moment. I’m the exception.

When I look my at the generation of my parents, everything looked more simple for couples. Before,  you used to live with your parents and left the house when you got married. Now, you usually live in your own appartment, sometimes with friends, sometimes alone, and you can choose to live with your boyfriend without thinking necessarily about a wedding. Some couples I know even prefer living in separate places.

But before, in a couple, the woman used to stay at home watching the kids while her husband was at work. Now, both men and women work, and it has bring a lot of complications for couples.  This kind of development has something to do with the numerous romances at the office we can all assist nowadays.  


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