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Women magazines

I read yesterday an interesting article about the use of the viagra in the french newspaper Le Monde. What strikes me the most in this article would be the perception of women by men today. Some of my male friends are usually ashamed of what they read in woman magazines, like Cosmopolitan. They said that those magazines depict men as a sexual object, and focus only on how to improve the sexual performance.

Personally, I don’t think so. But I live in a french speaking country, where those magazines are more focused on personal development rather than sex. It ‘s more a problem in the USA and in the UK. Each time I travel there, I usually buy some of those magazines, and I learned a lot more  about strip-tease, kama sutra, sex toys,… than I would normally in the french magazines. 

But, to the light of the experiences of my friends, I begin to wonder if we are becoming monsters to men. Most of my female friends usually don’t talk a lot about their sexual life, but those who do tell me that it is quite an important part of their relationship, and if it doesn’t work , there ‘s a good chance that this relationship would soon go belly up. But they also recognize that the performance isn’t always that important.  However, it is not the case for all women I know. 


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