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Those little things that annoy us

What turns you on in a man ? And what turns you off ? Some things are quite evident for the second category, as for example the lack of hygiene  or  really bad manners like spitting and too much vulgarity.  But a friend of mine has a quite weird list about do’s and don’t for a man. For example, she doesn’t like men who wear the perfume Kouros, nor Egoiste. She doesn’t like tidy men because they freak her out. She can’t stand men who drive big cars. “They’re the badest lovers you can get” she said.  And she doesn’t like smokers too. I can understand her for that.

Another friend of mine goes further  with that list. She once explained to me that she turned down the proposition of one guy because he kept lifting up his trousers while he was talking to her. She turned another one down because he was bitting his nails.

But those kind of evictions can also be applied for men. I know one man who can’t date a woman with short hair. “That ‘s not a woman to me” he explained.  Another man told me he can’t stand women who laugh loudly and who scream all the time.

But there’s a question behind all this ? How far could this list of do’s and don’t go ? Is there annoying things we could forgive if we find the love of our life ?


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