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This is the end

susie.jpgHow do we manage the end of a relationship ? Some women try to keep things civil and stay friend with their ex. Others choose to make the bastard their ex regret their choice of leaving them.

The truth about the outcome of a separation is that it depends on how the relationship worked before the end. If you were in a relationship where your man always critized you and wasn’t very kind with you, chances are you wouldn’t want to see him again afterwards. But I know a woman who kept on fighting with his man when they were together. When they broke up, she couldn’t let it go and started to harass her ex on the phone until he decided to move abroad and got out of her reach.

Another woman I know was madly in love with her man, but he decided to call it quits because he decided she wasn’t right for him. They remained friends afterwards, but she always tries to discourage the new companions of her ex. For example, she detailed every single default her ex has.

There are also women who disappear completely after the break up, and suddenly resurface years later, hoping to start again the relationship with their ex. One of my male friend encountered this type of situation. Last year, her ex-girlfriend from college reappeared after six years of silence. She came to his house and asked him to get back with him. The problem is that my friend is now married and has two little kids. And he doesn’t want to leave his wife. So his ex disappeared again.


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