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Better off alone ?

For women, celibacy is often seen as a disease because it’s not consider normal in our society. A friend of mine who’s 35 is still single and people always ask her if she has found someone, as if they haven’t got any other subject of conversation. And of course, that kind of question pissed her off.

She preferred to be alone rather than being with a toxic guy. Maybe she has reason for that. I know many women commited in a relationship with a man who’s not necessarily good for her. S, an old friend of mine, is currently dating a man who’s nice to her. But he’s also jealous and possessive. So it became hard to see her because her man thinks that S.’s friends are stupid, and he got a little paranoid about her few male friends. He doesn’t like the way they look at her, even if S. and her male friend have a kind of brother and sister relationship.

Another woman I know dated a guy who was constantly calling her and send her SMS. Well, generally, you appreciate a phone call from your man from time to time, but ten times a day, it begins to sound a little freaky. She decided to dump him and changed her phone number.

There’s also the case of the broke man who spend the money of his woman. The best example for that remains the couple formed by Kevin Federline and Britney Spears. 

For me, I don’t know who is the worst of those guys. And for you ?


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