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Far from the eyes, far from the heart ?

I recently bumped into an old friend of mine who, among other things, told me about her relationship with an engineer. Her man travels a lot, so he’s barely there for her. But she ‘s fine with it. She calculated that her man was away almost seven months a year. That is quite a lot. And when he’s back in town, he works 12 hours a day, and often go out with his friends, so she barely sees him at all.

I asked her why she feels comfortable with this kind of relationship, and if she ever thought about taking a lover to fill her man’s numerous absences. But she said that , at least, he doesn’t choke her.  Maybe she’s afraid to commit, I don’t know…

I know another couple who finally went belly up after years of numerous absences from one another. The woman was a teacher but in a very far town from where they live. So she chose to live in that town during the week and got back to her man in the week-end. But her man worked during the week-end, so they hardly spend time together. They constantly told us that they love each other and would never separate, but in the end, she started seeing another man. She never said anything to her husband, though.  He discovered everything when she became pregnant and the supposed father came to claim his paternity.

I don’t believe those kind of unions can last. On the woman side, how can you feel not left out ?


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