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Cultural differences

How do we make a relationship work ? Maybe by choosing the right guy for us. This has a lot to do with your education, your tastes, your social condition,… Some say that opposites attract, some others pretend that Birds of a feather flock together.

Everyone remembers the movie Pretty woman, where Richard Gere, an investment banker,  fell in love with a prostitute (Julia Roberts). Both came from very different worlds, but they gave it a go. The story ends on Richard Gere picking Julia Roberts in a limo at her apartment. But it didn’t depict how this relationship has evolved in the next years. I bet they would have divorced…

Many unprobable couples I know haven’t lasted long. One of my male friend, who lived in the rich part of our town, dated for a while a woman who lived in the poor part of the town.  It was love at first sight for them, but it soon turned sour because all their differences started slowly to tear them apart.  There were also a problem with my friend’s family. They didn’t accept this woman, because of where she came from, so they put a lot of pressure on him to break the relationship.

Some men like the difficulties in relationships, but some others prefer to avoid them like plague. My friend is no exception to that.

On the other hand, it is impossible to find a man whose tastes, education,… are exactly the same as yours. But we manage to find a man who’s close to our environment or who has many common points with you. Here’s an example: Mary has been married for 17 years with her husband. They met while they were travelling (separately at the time) in Asia. They both love this continent, especially Japan where they try to go whenever they can.  They’re both passionate about history and cooking. 

Those common points make a solid ground for their relationship.  They haven’t got the same character though. She’s very untidy and easily distracted while he’s well organized and down to earth. But their characters complete each other well.

Try to imagine now a couple where the guy is passionate about cars & tuning, while the chick is interested in modern art (and no, a modified car isn’t modern art) and literature. Odds are this couple could never last.