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Hold on hope

I mentioned in a previous post those women who fell for Mr. Wrong because they were desperate about being single.  But then I realized that some of my friends who pick the wrong guy all the time aren’t particularly desperate about being single.

The women I depicted in my previous posts were indeed desperate, that’s why they choose these horrible men.  But then I remembered the case of Isabel,  a candid woman who believed she can change the guy she dates. 

She  dated a much older and married man, in hope he would divorced his wife. She dated a convict, hoping to show him the right path.  She dated an illegal immigrant who wanted to marry her only to get the French nationality, hoping he would  love  her for real despite the numerous warnings of her family and friends.

Maybe  she watched too much film animations like Candy Candy when she was young, because she’s so naive (or maybe too romantic) with men. So far, she has never dated a normal guy (I mean not married, or in prison, or everything else) . We bet that she ‘s not attracted  to normal guys. She must like the challenge of dating a man with problems  and trying to change him.

Isabel is quite beautiful, so she could easily attract normal guys, but she always picks the wrong guy.