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To be or not to be tacky ?

Some women go completely irrational when they fall in love with a man.  One of my friend is a fierce independant in life, but when she falls in love, she becomes a totally different person. She’s tacky with the man she loves. She can’t stand being far from him, she ‘s jealous of all the women around him and she often checks his mails and  messages behind his back  in search of compromising stuffs.

Why does she do that ? Well, she told me she is a control freak and  wants to have everything under control. She also said that her lovers don’t mind this kind of treatment. Some even love it.  But the underlying question remains how could she possibly build a strong relationship if she doesn’t trust her lover.

As a result, at the age of 40, she has had numerous lovers, but she hasn’t found the right person yet.

However, there’s tacky and tacky. My friend is a little bit obsessive, but I know other women who are a bit tacky with their man in the sense that they couldn’t be separated from them and still trust them when they’re away. It is a question of balance, but I recognise it’s not easy to draw the line when you fall madly in love.


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