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Flip Flop men

Among the many toxic guys that women can date, there’s this kind of category: men who change their mind. They’re not the one who can’t really decide what to choose, no. I’m talking here about men who fall in love with a woman, and suddenly realize she’s not the right person for them. For example, S., 35, dated a short time ago a man who’s been pursuing her for the last three years. Their relationship lasted four months, before he decided to break up with her because she wasn’t what he was looking for. S. has now found a new man, but her ex came back into her life two weeks ago and asked her to take him back. She just told him to get lost.

This isn’t the only example of Flip Flop men. But for me, this example underlines another problem: can men have a wrong opinion of the women they’re dating?  In the case of S., her ex was a member of her entourage and was supposed to know her well since they hang out often with each other. But still, S. told me he was disappointed with her when they were dating, like he forgot the person she was when she was just her friend. Maybe he had idealised her when she was just a friend, not his, and got disappointed or just tired of her when she became his. Just like children who want a toy so bad and then ignored it the second after they obtain it.

She was so pissed off with him after the breakup that when he came back to her, she just turned him down. If men can be indecisive, women can hate indecision.


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