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What’s your worst date ever ?

Weird date

Everyone has been to a date we want to forget quickly because it was so bad. When I was younger, I accepted a blind date with a guy I’ve never heard of,  but who was friend with someone I know. So, the D Day, we were supposed to meet in a pub. But since we didn’t have any clue of what would the other look like, we gave each other some informations about our exterior appearance. He told me he had a purple car, wore tight jeans and curious shoes called Buffalos. At that time, it was the kind of shoes very popular with girls (but with boys …WTF ?). But at that time, I was still young and innocent, and I thought you could never judge a book by its cover, so I decided to go to the date.  Wrong choice….  Of course, I was not disappointed at all when I saw him arriving at the pub. Physically, he wasn’t that bad. But when he started to talk, I just wished I would be somewhere else. He was talking all the time about partying, booze, pills, and the girls he scored. Luckily for me, one of my friend arrived in the pub, and I urged him to join us. So I completely ruined his date.