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The walls we build between us

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Gosh, I love this video. It reminds me the case of one of my friend, who dated  a computer geek during two years. She got bored with him because he was totally scotched to his computer, and he never took care of her.  He was also a player of World of Warcraft, the game one of my friend called the destructor of couples because all the couples where the man played that game end by a divorce or a breakup.

 I asked my friend why she bothered to stay so long with a guy who seemed to ignore her all the time.  She replied that at first, he was nice to her, but got hitched by the game.  And also, she got a lot of time for herself because he was playing with his computer.  That is a curious way to keep the flame of love burning, isn’t it ?

Why are we building walls like that between us ? Is it because we get bored of each other ? Should’nt we try to get more close to our partner ?