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How do we know he’s the one ?

We all look for our soul mate. But how can we tell we  have found the one ? That’s a tricky question. Many people say that you just simply know when you meet the right person, that there’s a click. Amanda met her soul mate twelve years ago and she explained she knew instantly he was the one the first time she saw him.

There’s also a trick: your feelings has to be mutual. What if you realize you’ve met your soul mate, but he doesn’t feel the same way about you ?  Nicky, 29, met two months ago, in a convention for her job, a man she thought her soul mate. She barely spoke to him, but she has the feeling he’s the one. The problem is he’s not interested in her at all. And also, chances are thin they will meet again. Since the convention, she’s been thinking about him all the time and feeling blue.

Maybe her supposed soul mate isn’t the right one ?