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The most curious place to find your man

I met the man of my life through the intermediary of my friends. Nine years ago, one of my friend organized a party, and he invited many people among which I found my man. That’s a pretty common place to find love.

But there are also less common place to find love. Here’s some examples:

  • The cemetery. Yep, that sounds creepy. Hanna, 32, found the man of her life in the most unusual place to fall in love, because it is associated with death.  She was accompanying one of her friend who went changing the flowers on her father’s grave, when she noticed one of the maintenance guys who was extremely good looking. She immediately fell in love with him, and so on…
  • The elevator. Sally works in a big company and barely know one tenth of the employees. Once, she got stuck in the elevator with a male employee during two long hours (the firemen were extremely busy on  that day, so that problem came down the list of priorities). They haven’t noticed each other until that moment. But, to spend the time, they started to talk, and discovered they had many common points.  Both of them were single, so they decided to date.
  • The psychologist. If there’s one place to avoid falling in love, this would be the place. Remember the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie Bradshaw fell for the character played by Jon bon Jovi, when she went to see a therapist.  But it depends on the cases. Phyllis  went to see a therapist because she was undergoing a nasty divorce and it affected her deeply. She met there another patient, who was trying to cope with the death of his wife.  They didn’t immediately click, but started dating when their therapy was over. They are still together now…
  • The mortuary. It ranges in the same category as the cemetery. Love surges sometimes in curious place. Celine got lost in the hospital where her aunt was staying, and ended up in the mortuary. There, she found a male nurse who was also lost (he was debuting in this hospital) and they instantly clicked.
  • The car. One of my female friends was  once driving in her car and was way over the speed limit. She got arrested by a police officer, but instead of leaving with a report, she got a date with him.

The list doesn’t arrest here, of course. I’m sure I forget some situations.


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