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Romance at the office

In the country where I live, it is generally forbidden for couples to work for the same unit or under the orders of each other. But this applies mostly for big companies, where it is easy to replace people in an another unit. For small companies, it is a problem.

Amanda, 34, works in the same company as her man. Her company only counts 50 employees, so they see each other all of the time. There has been a reorganization recently in her unit, and her man has become her boss. A very unpleasant situation for her.  And I can understand that.

Personally, I could never work in the same company as my man.  How horrible it would be to have to stand him as my boss ? Of course, it depends on your character.  But I think this situation could threaten your couple.

It is already difficult to maintain a stable relationship with your man, because you have to deal with your work, your friends, your family, …. If you add to that this particular situation, it can create a stress. 

We all know how we treat our colleague and our boss.  It is sometimes a love-hate relationship (mostly hate, especially in the case of your boss), sometimes a who cares relationship.  Generally, we can’t help criticize them all the time (some says gossips strengthen the team). Imagine now your man in the place of your boss, or your colleague.  Could you avoid criticize him as your boss or your colleague ?