love, reflexion, relationships, women

Trust, a delicate feeling

For me, trust constitutes an important part of a relationship. If you don’t trust your man, chances are your relationship wouldn’t last. But it is hard to trust a man, and it is easy to reverse that situation. If he cheats on you, then you’ll feel betrayed and it will be hard for you to trust him again. Some women can forgive their man and start things over with him . But some other simply just can’t do that. It depends on the situation.

  • What if you discover he’s been cheating on you for several years, with many women (or the same woman) ? Will you forgive him ? I’m not sure…
  • What if he told you he was drunk, it was just a one-night fling  ? In this case, if he ‘s sincere, chances are you will forgive him.  If he’s a pathetic liar, that’s another story.
  • What if he told you nothing about it, and you discover everything thanks to “a friend” ?

Personally, if he cheats, I don’t want to know. I couldn’t trust him anymore if I knew anything about it.


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