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Modern princess

As a woman, are we influenced by fairy tales ? Who still dreams about her prince charming now, like the one we usually find in those stories ?

As a little kid, I was never into those fairy tales. In fact, I was terrorised by the witch in Snow White and the one in Sleeping Beauty. So, I preferred other Walt Disney movies like the Three Caballeros,  The Fox and the Hound, and The Sword and the Stone.  I wasn’t fond either of series like Candy Candy. As  a kid, I thought her life sucked. So, I cannot say I was influenced by fairy tales in my love life. I ‘ve never waited for my prince charming.

When you think about it, the princess in those fairy tales were perfect housekeepers (especially Snow White and Peau d’âne) and waited for her prince charming to be saved.  Those fairy tales didn’t precise exactly how charming was the prince, except that he had courage (you need balls to fight the dragon) and he was supposedly good-looking.   Now, thanks to Shrek,  we know that the prince charming is a narcissist guy with a wonderful smile and hairdo, but has nothing in his head.

And we have, in countries where monarchy is still in application, our modern fairy tales too. Take for example Spain , where Prince Felipe fell in love with a TV presenter. Personally, I wouldn’t envy her wife: you are hunted by photographer whenever you leave the palace, you have to give birth to the successor of the throne, and you have to enjoy the company  of the royal family, among other things. Oh joy!

So, what is it with women who dream about their prince charming ? Does he really exist, or is he just a dream ?