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Having a baby with another man

I found out recently in a study that one father out of four are not the biological father of their child. That leaves me speechless.

Around me, I know two cases where the woman hided the fact she got pregnant with another man to her husband.  One couple splitted  because the man finally learned about the cheating, when the biological father came to claim his paternity.  The other one is still together  because the husband hasn’t discovered yet the whole thing.

One woman I know told his man she got pregnant with another man before she delivered. Her man is white, and her lover was black, so if she hadn’t told him anything, he would  have discovered her cheating  at the birth of his child.

For these woman, is it their subconscious that pushed them to act like that ?  When you cheat on your man, chances are you’re done with him, but you don’t want to recognize it. Of course, some women are unfaithful by nature. But others simply just cheat because they feel left out or see the end of the relationship coming.

And the baby in this story ?