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Would you give up everything for love ?

One of my friend  fell in love with a man living abroad, and after six months of constant travels to see each other, she decided to move in with him, in his country. This decision meant to her having to leave her friends and family, her job, a big part of herself thus, to join the man she loved in a country she barely knows and where she hasn’t any friend or family. Though, isn’t it ? So far, she told me, thanks to the modern instrument that is Internet, that everything ‘s fine and she has met new friends. She also told me that leaving her home country was like a possibility to start things over again. It’s only been six months that she’s arrived in this country, so we’ll see what she will have to say when the honeymoon is over.

My friend had the courage to make that jump, but I know many women who won’t do the same. What she did, to me, was giving up everything for love. I hope her man realize how lucky he is with her.

In fact, such act is like gambling. You place all you have on the table and bet you will have more. You can win, but you can also lose everything.


2 thoughts on “Would you give up everything for love ?

  1. Paulina says:

    Scary, that’s exactly what I am planning to do in the future. Is it really a bad idea? I mean, it’s love after all.

  2. Paulina, it depends on the situation. My mom left her home country 30 years ago to live with my father, and she doesn’t regret anything at all. But she moved in my country because she also found a job, and some of her friends came with her too. So, it wasn’t that difficult for her.
    And my friend is still happy right now with her decision. she said that if she hasn’t followed her man, she would have regretted it all her life.

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