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Disastrous approaches

Remember that episode in Friends where Ross was trying to impress  a pizza delivery woman and failed miserably at it ?

I found it very touching when a guy tries to flirt with you but is very clumsy. It is better than the guy who’s direct with you and tell you straight away that he wants to sleep with you. This kind of situation happened to me once, and it was during a dinner for a professional meeting where the guy wasn’t even drunk ( so he had no excuse at all for such a behaviour).

Usually, I don’t attract much clumsy men, but one of my friend constantly attracts them, like a magnet.  But, unlike me, she prefers when men are more sure of themselves and more direct.  It took her years to realize that one guy of her entourage was trying to flirt with her, because he was acting so weird when she was around and barely spoke to her. She just thought he was a fool.

Of course, there’s clumsy and clumsy. The guy who loses a bit control when you’re around, it’s kind of sweet. But the guy who act too strange with you, it’s just scary.