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The most horrible thing a man can say to you

Honesty is quite a quality, but you should use it carefully because, let’s face it, truth hurts. When you’re in a relationship, there are things you don’t want necessarily to hear or to know. For example, if you have put on weight, hearing it from your man can be hurtful.  Likewise, if you start getting wrinkles on your face, you don’t want your man to tell you he noticed it.

But these kind of words aren’t the most offensive a woman can hear.  Personally, from your man,  I think there can be worse. Here’s a few examples:

  • I don’t love you anymore/ I slept with this woman because I don’t love you… Of course, if you don’t love him anymore too, these sentences should sound less offensive to your delicate ears. But if you love him madly, this really hurts.
  • You have zero personality. Ouch, this really hurts too, if your lover told you that.
  • You’re stupid. Which sensible man can say that to a woman? Well, look around you, and you’ll notice a lot of couples where the man treats his lady like that, sometimes in front of all the people around.
  • You’re ugly.  This is pure meanness. Or sadism.  You don’t say that to a woman, especially if you’re even uglier than her. Besides, beauty is such a subjective matter. It depends on the point of view.
  • You shouldn’t have come to this world. Ok, one of my friend heard this sentence while she was fighting with her man over her mother.  But personally, I think it’s not an excuse. She should dump him.

I’m sure there ‘s many more sentences you don’t want to hear from. But all those words for me are a reason to break up with your man. It’s a question of respect, and it’s got to be mutual.


5 thoughts on “The most horrible thing a man can say to you

  1. One of the worst things a guy ever said to me when we were breaking up was “Of course I said you were beautiful. You were my girlfriend. I had to say it.”

    I should have hit him with a shovel.

  2. Christina, the guy is a real idiot. These things easily improve with experience. And also, maybe the guy is a horrible lover too.

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