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The best thing about a relationship

One of my friend always says :”When you’re in love, you’ve got to be happy”. Well, when you’re in love and you’re happy, your couple can bring you a solid ground to face the difficulties of life.

There’s other advantages with being in a strong relationship with your man.  A woman I know is still single and loves her condition. She told me at least, she didn’t have to fight for meaningless things like all the domestic tasks we have to do. Of course, these are always a subject of dispute with your man, especially if he thinks there are  Oompa Loompa who do all the cleaning and the washing during his sleep.  I also know that socks left everywhere in the house, especially near the bed,  are one of the biggest subject for a fight. 

That woman is clearly better off alone. But when you’re in a couple that  doesn’t spend  time arguing and fighting, you can enjoy the presence of your man. 

Love can be a motivation for everything  you do. It can help you waking up in the morning to defy an horrible day at work and your unbearable boss and colleagues.

And if you had a bad day, it can help you forget it. One of my friend told me that when she got back from work, as soon as she enters her house and sees her man waiting for her, she forgets everything. Of course, her man doesn’t ask her straight away when and what are they going to eat. He just promises her things like in this video.