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Do you believe in astrology ? For me, it is difficult to say. I’m a Virgo, but I don’t feel like it. Virgo are either wise and tidy or wild and difficult. I’m neither of those profiles.  And for the ascendant, I’m a Scorpio, a really bad bad combination if you listen what all the different comments have to say about it.  It appears that I’m supposed to be asocial, crazy. In short, a very hateful person.

For my love life, I’m supposed to accord with a Pisces, a Sagittarius or a Gemini. I  get along very well with Acquarius and Leo. So, I don’t believe very much in astrology. Especially since I’ve entered in the wonderful world of journalism. I’ve discovered that in some women magazines, it’s a simple journalist who writes the astrology heading.

But around me, there are a lot of women who firmly believe in astrology.  One woman I know always asks the guys she’s dating what’s their sign, and decides to dump him just because he’s not the right sign.  Another one sometimes stay at home because she heard that bad things will happen to her if she gets out (I wonder if the astrologist who said that had a problem with someone of the same sign  and wished him/her the baddest things).  Another one only bets her money on lottery when her horoscope says she will see a large amount of money coming to her soon.

 Horoscopes can turn right, but it’s not often the case. So I don’t understand how these women can only based their decisions on them.  


2 thoughts on “Astrology

  1. MJ says:

    I’m a Virgo too. There are so many Virgos (and other signs) in the world – there’s no way every Virgo has all the same qualities because there are other factors (other planet signs & own environment) to consider.

    I read horoscope for fun but sometimes, the events that happen are so true!

  2. Ragazza says:

    I’m a Sagitarrius. As a Catholic I do not believe in this astrology business but I do think it’s fun to read…as entertainment.

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