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The first time you met the man of your life

When I asked my female friends and the women I know about how they met the man of their life, I received various answers. Some of them told me that when they first met him, they didn’t find him very attractive, very funny,… It’s just that, with the help of time, they’ve learned to appreciate him for what he is. And they also discovered other aspects of his personality, like his good manners, his loyalty and faithfulness. For some women, these aspects appear to be the most important after all.

 Some others told me they knew straight away  he was the one when they first met him. But in this case, I know more sad endings than happy endings. Let’s start with the last one.

  • P., a 31-year-old personal assistant, met her man during a trip in Thailand. In fact, she met him while they were going back home in the same plane. He was sitting next to her, so they began chatting during all the travel, and when the plane touched down, they decided they couldn’t live separated  from each other and just after one week, she moved in with him in his apartment.
  • F. , a 36-year-old commercial adviser, met her man during her holidays too. She went skiing in Switzerland but bumped accidentally into another skier. It turned out that she knew him. He was a friend of one of her roommates when she was in college, but she barely noticed him at that time. This time, she noticed how handsome he was. They spend the rest of their holidays glued together, and even after.

Now, the bad endings.

  • A., a 27-year-old lawyer, met her man in a professional meeting. They started a love affair, but she didn’t know he was married because he kept on lying to her about his private life. She discovered everything when his wife once called her to make things clear with her. She decided to ignore her, hoping her man would eventually choose her and get rid of his wife. But he didn’t, and decided instead to choose his wife.
  • A friend of mine met her man while he was in her country to do a presentation.  She desperately fell in love with him, but he didn’t really care about her. They started an affair during three years, though, before he left her for another woman. My friend is quite disgusted with men now, and hasn’t dated another man since this story.

It’s always great when you fall in love with someone and when he loves you back. But when it’s not mutual, it is very hurtful for the person in love.


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