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The classiest ways to dump someone (or to get dumped)

Who never got dumped in his/her life ? Around me, I know only one woman who didn’t, because she’s still with her first love ( they’ve been together now for 30 years, and they’re only 42 year old).

It’s always easier to leave than to be left behind, isn’t it ? Sometimes, it hurts just your pride, but sometimes, it can break your heart  too. If you add to that  a terrible ending, it’s even more difficult to bear.  By terrible endings, I mean the sentences your ex pronounced, or not,  when he/ she wanted to leave you.

The best ways of dumping someone remain always the same: a bit of honesty and some compassion for the other. It is always more pleasant to hear this:” we’re not meant to be, but I wish you to meet the right person and hope you would take care of yourself“. But some persons are just too cold hearted or too weak to dump properly their companion. Here are some examples of their crimes.

  • Crime n°1: Disappearing into nature

I was dating a long time ago a guy I was madly in love with.  Once, I was invited to spend the week-end in one of my friend’s house, but without him.At that time, it was the beginning of the mobile, so I was out of his reach during the whole week-end.  When I came back, he never showed up again in my life, he just simply disappeared, without a word of explanation. I tried to call him, but he didn’t want to answer my call, I  even tried to get to his home to get an explanation, but my friends just told me to give it up. So  I gave it up. I never saw him again since then.

  • Crime n°2: Lack of consideration

N., a friend of mine, dated a guy who had such a bad temper. One day, they’re were driving to a party, and got an argument in the car.  So, he stopped the car, and simply told her to get out of the car and never come back into his life. The problem was that he dropped her in a desert parking lot late in the evening. Luckily for my friend, a police car was patrolling in the neighbourhood, so she got back home safely.

  • Crime n°3: The letter/ e-mail/ SMS

Of course, if you receive a long letter/ e-mail to tell you it’s over, that doesn’t count. But a short message, like: I quit/ I have enough of you/ I hate you and I don’t want to see you again/ Get out of my life,…. That is always a  class act.

  • Crime n°4:  Cheating openly

One of my friend started a relationship with a guy from her office ( never a good idea). After some months, she once went to a bar with her girlfriends when she discovered him kissing another woman. Instead of apologizing, he just told her: “By the way, we’re over, I’m dating her now”. Ouch!

  • Crime n°5: The big cleaning

N, a woman I know, was living with her companion for one year in his apartment. Once, she got back from work , and to her surprise, she found all of her stuffs packed in front of the apartment, with a little word saying ” get out of my life and don’t forget to leave the key“. Let’s make clear that she didn’t do anything wrong to him, like cheating or making fun of him in public.

These ways of dumping people are the classiest, I think. Of course, they’re sometimes justified if your partner cheats on you or just treats you like dirt.