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Lack of initiative

As a woman, I’m sometimes appalled by the lack of initiative (in certain domains, let’s make it clear) of our companion(s). I get a lot of complaints from my female friends about how their man ruined their birthday by simply planning nothing (one of my friend even told me that her man constantly forgot her birthday, but her man is the most distracted man I ‘ve ever met) .  Some others complained about how their man just let everything into their hands, like for example the education of the kids, the preparation of the holidays, the organisation of a dinner, and so on.

Experiment n°1: Put your man in a supermarket , with a shopping list ( don’t be cruel) , and let him buy all the stuff written on the list.  If you’re really cruel, don’t specify anything, and hang up your mobile phone.   As a woman, you probably know which brand and which product to choose from, but for a man, it’s not quite obvious, isn’t it ?

Some of my friends tried this experiment (I’ve never tried with my man, I know he would also fail at it) and noticed something: if they don’t established a shopping list, their man would take absolutely no initiative to know what’s USEFUL to buy. Instead, they will bring either nothing, or plenty of stuffs like frozen pizzas, beer, chips,… All the good stuffs of a single male.

Experiment n°2:Domestic tasks (the very tricky one). Unless you’re with a butler, this experiment illustrated clearly a man’s lack of initiative.  Leave all the dishes in the sink and the garbage bin full, and go away for a day or two (he can’t stand your mother, so here ‘s an occasion to pay a visit to her without him).  If you find the dishes cleaned and the garbage bin empty when you get back, then, keep your man, you have found a precious one. Because we all experimented this, and all had to do the dishwashing and to empty the garbage bin after all. I know no exception to that, except one of my friend, but she cheated and told her man to do so.

Experiment n°3: The anniversary. Ok, if he forgets your birthday, he’s unforgiven. But try this: make a list of all your mutual friends and his family (including uncles, aunts, cousins,…) and then tell him to plan a gift (just a gift, a party is even more complicated)  for each of them.  Again, don’t specify anything ( I know, it’s tempting) . If he doesn’t forget anyone, then you have a pearl. But that doesn’t count if he just brings to everyone a bunch of stuff he stole from work (example: a pen).

You can also try with : leaving him alone with the kids, making the dinner for 4 persons (don’t try if you’re married to a chef) ,…