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Those men who can’t make a proper compliment

When you’re in a relationship, you generally like when your man compliments you and says he loves you. But for some male, complimenting a lady doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning than you think. And some are even allergic to the word “I love you”, even though they do have feelings for their lady.
Some women I’ve met told me that they ‘ve accepted the lack of compliments from their man, or just turn what he said into a compliment. Here’s an example with one of my friend.

Her man never tells her she’s beautiful (she’s really beautiful though), but instead, he gives her strange compliments like “Oh, you’re all dressed up today”, or “you have washed your hair”, or ” you’ve put make up”,… And she just thanks him for that, a bit like Eeyore in Winnie the Pooh , you know, when he says” Thank you for noticing me”.  Many women would dump this kind of guy, but she stays with him because she told me it’s just his way to say that he loves her. Hum….


One thought on “Those men who can’t make a proper compliment

  1. Every people have their own way to love their partner, they have their unique way to show their love…

    No matter how they express their feeling, I think the one who knew how to show their feeling is better than those who refuse…right?


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