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Would you do anything for love ?

How far could you go in the name of love ?  For some people, it seems there’s no limit. I’ve met a lot of women who told me about what they do to make a man love them, and in most of the cases, it didn’t work because the guy eventually dumped them.

Some women explained that they have changed completely their personality in hope their partner would love them back. For example, N., a very sporty and shallow (by shallow, I mean she prefers to ignore all the problems of the world) person, fell in love with a hunt saboteur who didn’t care much about her. He was just with her to have some fun, but she was so desperately in love with him that she decided to embrace his cause and put aside her personality.  In the end, she didn’t win his love, and he just got rid of her.

There are also women who are convinced that sex is the key to make  a man love them. Remember that men can sleep with a woman and then feel nothing about it ( in “Sex and the City”). So they think that, by accepting any sexual practice he asks, they can win his heart.

A recent study showed that most women who accept to go to echangism clubs aren’t necessarily keen about it. They just do it because their husband or lover ask them to go with them in such a place.

And for the other special sexual practice, I’ve heard some disturbing testimonies too. St. explained to me that she once accepted sodomy because she thought her partner would love her more after that. He dumped her shortly after the act.

Of course, if you’re into those practices, the situation is very different. But the point is, whenever you make a sacrifice in hope to win a man’s heart, think about it twice: is it really worth it ?


6 thoughts on “Would you do anything for love ?

  1. Emmm…
    Love is Love…
    Sex is Sex…
    Sacrifice is sacrifice…

    No matter we sacrifice how much for others, we can not expect any return from them… they never ask us to sacrifice for them, right?

    Do not live our life because of others…


  2. There was a time when I was younger and I would have done anything for love. Now life has changed and love is just love now for me! 🙂 Take care

  3. ramy says:

    i think weak people sicrifice for love
    becouse any normal person can’t do sicrifices for the rest of his life

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