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The tide that left and never came back

Did you ever feel blue after you met someone special, the one you would like to know better but you know you will never see again ? And how do you deal with that feeling ?

In my life, I’ve met two men I wished I could have known better but who were out of my reach. Both live abroad, even though one of them  lives in a very near country. I just gave it up. I’m not a risk taker.

But  some women I know are maybe less shy than me and pursued the men they want to know better. One of them has married the object of her affection, but for the others, that’s a different story.

The problem is that, if we want to know better a guy, it’s because he’s a total stranger to us. So you’ ll exposed yourself to a lot of surprises ( good or bad)  if you want to discover his life. 

A friend of mine found out that the man she was chasing was married. Another one discovered that “her” man was gay.

I believe that if our roads never crossed again, it’s because it’s destiny. You don’t fight against that.  


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