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To cheat or not to cheat ?

Who’s never been tempted to cheat on his/her partner while involved in a committed relationship ? If there were absolutely no consequence, would you consider having an affair with someone else ? That’s a tricky question. Some people yield to the temptation, others refuse because it’s against all their principles, and then some others don’t know what they’ll do.

It’s often said that men need an occasion to cheat on their wife, while women need a reason for being unfaithful. I mentioned in a previous post how a woman can choose to have a lover because she feels left out by her husband.  But there can be other reasons.

If you live secluded in your house and don’t meet many people, chances are you’ll be more faithful than a person who goes out often and has a rich social life. 

Also, certain situations favour the unfaithfulness. I remember one of my friend crying because she cheated on her partner while she was travelling away for her job. She told me that she had to do a presentation that turned into a living nightmare. When it was finished, she felt so miserable, but one of her colleague came to her and started to cheer her up. They ended up chatting at the bar of the hotel, and after many drinks, she went back into his room and spend the rest of the night with him.

I do  admit that I’ve been once tempted by another man. But it stopped there.  I’m way too attached to my man and the perspective of hurting his feelings is breaking my heart.