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Geisha style


In a relationship, the question of money always surfaces. We all have to deal with it. For some couples, it’s established that Mr. pays all the bills. For others, they just share the bills. Mr. manages his own money and Madam manages her own.

I see many couples now opening a common account which serves only to pay invoices for electricity, water, garbage, … and the food. For the rest of their personal spendings, they keep a separate account, so Madam can enjoy her shopping spree without getting criticized ( well, that depends) by her man. Usually, they choose to determine an amount they deposit monthly on their common account.

But there are also lots of couples where Mr. and Mrs. have a common account which serves for all their spendings.  This is generally a source of problem when one member of the couple is more extravagant than the other.  I don’t blame women in particular for being more extravagant than men, because I know men who are particularly spendthrift. But I would like to make a point on a certain type of women who have absolutely no problem living like a geisha, maintained by their man.

When I was studying in university, I remember that some female students  went from bar to bar and party to party to find a student in those two disciplines: medicine and engineery.  One of them told me at that time she was just such a waste for her parents that her mother asked her to find an MD to marry her. She ‘s now married with a dentist, and a housewife with three kids. She’s  kind of enjoying her life, and spends without any remorse her husband’s earnings. A bit like Gabrielle Solis in Desperate housewives, but without the gardener/lover and with three kids.

When these kinds of couples divorce, it’s always a drama because suddenly, Madam ended up with no financial resources ( she never worked in her life) . But, luckily for her, there’s spousal support (if her ex-husband decides to pay and doesn’t disappear into nature) .

Since I’m quite independant, I ‘ve always wondered how these women  can depend on their man like that. 


5 thoughts on “Geisha style

  1. Love is Love,
    When we put money into love… is will be business, business only can be maintain if the business is profitable, otherwise, the business will close up very soon.

    I think when we want to enjoy love, please put a side the “money”… You don’t need it when you in love, you only need it when you’re not in love, you’re in buisness.


  2. DSvT: you cannot live forever on just love and water, unfortunately. So, money does interfere into our relationships. It’s sad, but it’s true.

  3. modobs: Maybe you’re right on this. Sometime in the materialistic world, without money, maybe we can not find any love.

    Current basic lover requirement “5C” – Cash, Credit Card, Car, Career & Certificate.


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