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When love makes you blind

When we fall in love, we only see the good side of the object of our affection. Sooner or later, we discovered more unpleasant things about the light of our life. And, depending of those imperfections, we choose to pursue (or not) the relationship with the other.

I’ve always wondered what pushes us to stay with our partner and what pushes us to leave. Can you really explain why you love your companion ? Of course, we can all say that we love him/her because she/he’s extraordinary, gentle, caring, honest, loyal, … But I ‘ve met a lot of people who told me they were in love but can’t really explain why. They also told me they were just blinded by their partner.

That’s where, sometimes, it becomes dangerous. I’m not gonna depict the sinister stories I sometimes read in newspaper where a woman explains how she became a hooker just to please her man, etc. Closer than me, I have the most dramatic example of the blinding love.

We all have friends we wished he/she would dump their partner for various reasons. It can be the bad influence, the bad treatment, or the dependency on their money. But, for a reason we don’t understand, our friend can’t leave their partner.

F., is an old friend of mine since kindergarten, and he’s only been with one girl in his whole life. But the girl he chooses, we all wished he would never have met her. They were living just two houses apart from each other when they were kids, and as they grow old, they started dating. The problem is that, when they were teenagers, she had such a bad reputation in the neighbourhood because she was sleeping around with many, many boys.  He didn’t care about this at all.

Her slut  fiancee ( because they plan to marry soon) has also a lot more heavy luggage with her. She quit school early because, let’s say it, she’s a dummy. She has many psychological problems too. For example, she can’t stand hair. Therefore, she has a problem with  sex because it’s messy for her (too much hair).  But, curiously,  she’s not faithful to him, not at all. Maybe she like the hair of the other men, but not those from her fiancee…

On top of that, my friend is well educated, he ‘s a lawyer, so he earns his life very well. And she benefits a lot from him. For us, it’s quite difficult to understand his choice, because he’s never been with other women and doesn’t know much about women in general because of his slut fiancee. But he decided she was the woman of his life, and doesn’t like when we criticize her.  Let’s hope that, someday, he will open his eyes about her. After all, we all say that love makes you blind, marriage opens your eyes.