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Mean girls

Ha, the mystery of seduction. Did you ever notice that men generally prefer a certain type of women ? I won’t talk  here about the most obvious dilemma between blonde and brunette, but about women’s character. Because curiously, men prefer mean women.

What do I mean by “mean” ? Well, it’s quite simple. Mean women, or ball-busting bitches,  are go-getters, the one who have a strong character, who stand for what they believe and who don’t like the word “compromise” very much. The exact opposite of a girl who says yes to everything.

Around me, a lot of men explained they liked these kind of women better because with them, life isn’t boring. For them, there’s nothing like a good fight  (without punch in the face…) followed by a reconciliation on the pillow. And also, they said that their women bring a touch of drama in an ordinary life full of constraints like work, “because you have to make this life livable”.

So,  is the nice girl out of flavour ? It depends on the man. Some men prefer nice girls, don’t forget. And besides, there’s a thin line between being a bitch and being totally exasperating.  If you’re really picky, complain about everything, say no to everything and demand crazy requests all the time to your man, there’s a chance you will really annoy him.

And also, if you’re mean with him just by pleasure, if he isn’t masochist, he will probably leave you too. It’s a question of balance.

In a reverted situation, women also prefer bad guys, don’t they ?


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