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Maybe he’s the best after all…

After two divorces with Kim Mathers, Eminem got back again with her. One of his friend told that he can’t live with her, but he can’t live without her either.

This is quite the most dramatic example of couples who can’t really make their way without each other. But around me, I have many other examples of this.

One of my friend, who’s been with the same man for now 15 years, told me they once took a break from each other. She was supposed, 7 years ago, to spend 4 months in another country for her study. So she took the occasion to break up with him. At the time, she thought it was definite. Shorty  after she arrived in her new country, she started dating another man. Meanwhile, her man was devastated, and he begged her to take him back. When she came back in her home country, she decided to rekindle her relationship with her ex and dump the other guy. “After all, M. was way nicer than the other guy. He treated me better” she said. They plan to marry soon.

Sometimes, passion dies between two persons, but I’ve noticed that some couples just need a new trigger to light up their flame. And the trigger, for some women, can come in the form of another man.

Have you noticed how we started to appreciate certain things when they’re gone ? Somerset Maugham used to depict this kind of situation in his books. Who never regretted one of his/ her ex ? Of course, if you’re been with the wrong guy everytime AND realized about it afterwards, this doesn’t count.

This applies if you really love your partner, and for some reasons, you had to separate. If he’s really the one, you will run back to him ( or at least try).

Another friend of mine explained she never cheated on her man, but had sometimes unfaithful thoughts about other men. She didn’t try anything with them because she always ends up comparing her potential partner  with the light of her life. And the other men never stand the comparison. She explained that sometimes, she doubted about her love for him, but these comparisons make her realize how lucky she is with her man.

Tina Turner will explain it better.


3 thoughts on “Maybe he’s the best after all…

  1. Isn’t that sad! Why do we need that comparison to realize the true value of someone, when we could have seen it upfront. As the saying goes “The grass is always greener on the other side…”.

    I like your topics and your writing. Kudos!

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