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I hate Valentine’s day


For some people (often in a love relationship), Valentine’s day is just another special day dictated by marketing. For some others (always single) , V day is just a day of living nightmare. So, some couples choose to do absolutely nothing special on V day. “Why would you prove your love for your partner on that date while you should be proving it on other numerous occasions ? ” one of my friend always asks. “Just because it’s V day, you make an effort with  your partner while the rest of the year, you’ ve been awful to her?” she added.

For the single persons, some develop creative ideas on this day. I remember when I was single that my single friends and I used to dress in black like for a funeral on V day and partied all night long. My female roommates who were single used to send flowers to each other on that day. Other women I know go to parties for single persons (you have plenty of choice if you live in a big city), in hope to find someone. Usually, in those parties, you never go back home alone (unless you’re very picky), but it often concluded on nothing serious with the guy. 

Then, there ‘s a particular kind of couples who use this day usefully.  S., a 34 year-old nurse, told me her husband and her usually make a gift of blood on that day. J., a 39 year-old employee, chooses with her husband to take  a life saving lesson. R., a 32 year-old lawyer,  goes with her husband helping various humanitarian associations( but not only on V day).

There are also couples who choose to spend a real moment together on that day. One of my friend told me her man and her have such hectic schedules in the year where they don’t see each other very much  that they welcome this day like a precious moment. Usually, they put aside everything and spend the whole day together, going to a restaurant, having a walk,…  She said that if there wasn’t V day, nothing would force them to spend some time together.


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