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Part-time single person


Some couples cannot live without each other, and if one member of the couple has to go away for work or for other reasons, then, it’s a drama. Some other couples deal with those absences, because they have  no choice.

If one of the two members of a couple, or even the two of them, has a very demanding job,  this situation often happens.  M., 32, is married to a restaurant owner, who works late five days a week. M. works from 9 to 5,  so she spend fives nights a week alone in their house. She’s not complaining from her situation, though. In fact, she appreciates being alone from time to time. Her loneliness allows her to do things she couldn’t do if her husband was there, like chatting all night long with her girlfriends, watching all the episodes of her favorite shows, taking care of herself with manicure, pedicure, shaving, … and eating loads of cookies (a guilty pleasure I would be also be ashamed to do  in front of my man).   But she says she enjoys much her husband’s company.

S., 43, is married to a British engineer who’s been sent to Ireland for his job. But S. still live in her home country  with their three kids. She ‘s separated from her husband fours days a week, and spends her time travelling with the kids between her home country and Ireland. But she’s kind of enjoying it, because she says her reunion with her husband  are always intense.

R., 33, has also a husband who often travels for his job. But lately, he has changed his profession and is more often with her than away. She admits she prefers when he’s away than when he’s home with her, because she got used too much to his numerous absences.  

T., 35, is a journalist who often travels for her job. The problem is her husband travels a lot too on his side, so they hardly see each other. After spending 5 years on hectic schedules, they decided to quit their mutual jobs and start a company together. She said if she hasn’t done that, she would probably have divorced by now.

Being a part-time single person can seem fun at the beginning. For some couples, it’s even welcome like a breath of fresh air from time to time. But it’s also dangerous because you can realize you’re better off without him.  


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