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Tired of waiting for the prince charming

More and more single women start to have a baby on their own and have recourse to artificial insemination. Because they want a baby but haven’t found their prince charming, they choose this alternative. It’s another proof that women can live without men in our modern society. Now that we have acquired our financial independence, men are no longer necessary to support our needs, including conceiving a child. But how do women end up in that solution ? Is this a selfish decision?

Let’s try to understand this phenomenon through some examples. V., 39, realized at 37 she was still single but that her biological clock was rushing to its end. She had two serious love relationships in the past, but ended up alone in a crucial period for her. So, after many reflexions, she decided to opt for artificial insemination with an anonymous donor. “I’ve always wanted to have a baby, but I wasn’t gonna deprive myself from this because I  didn’t have a man” she explained. And now her little daughter is born, she said that if she had to make that decision again, she would.

K.,37, always dreamt about having a family with a nice husband and adorable little kids. But is still single, because she hasn’t found her Mr. Right. And after many reflexions, she chose to have recourse to artificial insemination too. “Many of my friends have been trapped in a disappointing relationship to achieve their dream of having a baby. But I don’t want that. I’d rather have a baby on my own than dealing with an unbearable father” she said.

One of my friend, who’s a MD specialized in fertility, once explained she was confronted to a very special case. A 28 year-old lady came one day to visit her and asked for an artificial insemination, but not with her partner’s sperm. Because she didn’t want her partner to be the biological father of the child for a reason my friend didn’t understand. But the lady wanted him to raise the child. My friend didn’t tell me what she did with that special case.

We still live in a world where two is the norm, especially for bringing up a child. But now that divorces multiply, we see more and more single moms raising their kids. And their situation is not very different from the inseminated women who also bring up their child alone. 


3 thoughts on “Tired of waiting for the prince charming

  1. I still believe that a child needs both a mother and a father figure, but I’m not discounting the fact that some single mothers out there do a wonderful job in parenting. They can raise wonderful children, but a lot of times these kids are emotionally or psychologically affected by the absence of the fathers.

  2. You’re right for the kids. One of my friend lost his father when he was only two year old, and said he’s been affected by his absence since then, even if his mother has done a wonderful job with him.

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