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You drive me crazy

(This is not a tribute to Britney Spears)

Love can lead us to do extraordinary things. We can change completely our personality or discover feelings we thought we could never express, just for  and because of that precious thing. But, for some people, love can lead to violence and even crime.

“Too much love will kill you” sang Freddy Mercury . When we love someone too much, we usually say we lost our head. Lately, the case of Lisa Marie Nowak, illustrates how we can lose our head for love.  This NASA astronaut had everything. She passed successfully  the severe psychological test required for every astronaut in the NASA, but yet, she went completely bonkers for the love of William Oefelein. This is quite unexplainable.

For Lisa Marie Nowak, her feelings for William Oefelein lead her to crime (and to jail) . But in other cases, love can lead to violence. In Manfred’s pain, Robert McLiam Wilson depicts how his lead character, Manfred, ended up alone after beating his wife. The author explains how Manfred’s feelings lead him to that terrible act.

I’ve never had to deal with a possessive and violent partner in my life, because I used to fall for guys who couldn’t care less about me. But some of my friends experienced once a problematic partner. P. fell in love with a woman who was absolutely charming at the beginning, but she was also extremely jealous and possessive. P. couldn’t approach or even look at another woman. After three months of a living nightmare, he decided to break up. But she didn’t hear it that way. She kept harassing him on the phone, she tried to break into his house, and she asked some of her friends to beat P.  He had no choice but to call the police and complained about her. Their story ended up in court.  

These sad stories underline a question: are we all able to lose our head like that just for love ?

Personal message to Robert McLiam Wilson

Quit the rainy and boring Ireland and join me in this rainy (rainier) and boring country that is Belgium.


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